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Craft Beer is Booming!

TapTown utilizes smart pour technology to allow customers the ability to pour/pay their favorite liquid libation 

while improving the overall efficiency and experience. By not having traditional bartenders this allows our beeristas the opportunity to provide exceptional knowledge thru customer interaction. 

“Did someone say Craft Beer?”


TapTown offers over 100 taps of local craft beer, wines, ciders and champagnes. Why drive from brewery to brewery when all your local brewery favorites can be found in one little town - TapTown!


The immersive environment created in TapTown is an integral part in allowing our patrons the ability to escape the stresses of today and return to a much simpler time.

“Raise your hand if you need a stress reliever“


Our food service is uniquely positioned to provide the patron an automated way to order food thus creating a no wait "On Your Time" dining experience where high quality food truck inspired fares are created!

“Feel Good food at Feel Good prices!”


The coffee cafe is a blend of old time service with new technology where customers can order, create, and pay for their own favorite hot beverages without waiting to be served!

"Go ahead - serve yourself - it’s Fun!!!!"


TapTown is centered around utilizing new technology in an old world setting to create a truly “On Your Time” unique and unforgettable immersive drinking / dining experience. 

“Go ahead and tell your friends - I dare ya!”

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