This is our latest color concept drawing depicting the exterior face of TapTown facing Cherokee Street.

The TapTown clock on the far right will be hand-crafted and will actually work! 

Of course its always the right time to have your favorite cold brew, eat a delicious TapTown slider, meet up with some old friends for coffee at Parkside Cafe 

or enjoy meeting new friends in our oversized Outdoor Beer Garden where Dogs drink for FREE! 


Parkside cafe


The Parkside Cafe will overlook Logan Farm Park. It will have 2 floors with spacious seating. The Top Deck will be an open air Terrace with an oversized awning equipped 

with ceiling fans and a misting station.  

Parkside Cafe will offer a variety of breakfast foods and beverages in the morning and will be open into the evening for those late night dessert cravings or just a place to hang out and chill. Everyone needs a cool place to just hang and chill- Why not Parkside Cafe!

Parkside Cafe will also offer online ordering, curbside pick-up and of course FREE WI-FI!

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Want to be apart of the TapTown story?

TapTown is positioned to be the hottest restaurant/taproom concept in the nation and we are looking for people that have a passion for craft beer, craft coffee, authentic food, live music, or just want to work at the coolest place in Acworth, GA